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Earth Projection

Exclusive Menopause Program

Are you ready for the ultimate program in holistic wellness?


How does having your own psychotherapist and certified Holistic Menopause Coaching Master to guide you through the stresses and strains, the highs and the lows of life, work & business sound?

Pretty good, right!?

Then you're in the right place to start mastering your mind, body, soul & emotions - the whole you!

Let's get your life back on track like it was before the dreaded perimenopause and/or menopause hit you like a brick wall!!

You will have 1:1 coaching sessions where we go deep inside your current situation and create enlightenment, excitement & new joy in your life.


You also have the option to join a small and very exclusive group of like-minded people who want to take care of their holistic health in the very best way, the same as you do.


When your mind, body, soul & emotions are aligned, the decisions you make can totally alter your path through life and so upgrade your success & happiness. 

So,  if you like what you read and want to secure your place on this 9-week journey, head to the bottom of the page where you can book a Calendly call with me to discuss your current situation and symptoms - and let's see if I can help you. 

I look forward to helping you find yourself again.

and, remember -


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